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An Introduction to Bridge

"An Introduction to Bridge" with Nick Irens

The aim of this day is to teach you the mechanics and format of the game including scoring, so that you will afterwards be able to play and enjoy a basic game outside the classroom. You may already have some knowledge of cards, including the concept of trick taking and of a trump suit, but this is not essential.

The morning will focus on the theory of the game.  After lunch, you will play in 4's with Nick's help and guidance.

Nick Irens rather stumbled into bridge when he retired eight years ago. He attended lessons at Andrew Robson’s Bridge Club in South West London, where he soon fell in love with the game. He is now a keen tournament player and has recently been selected to represent England in the Seniors Home Internationals in May this year.

Bridge is he says, simply the best card game the wit of man has devised and, quoting Somerset Maughan, he believes ‘you can play bridge as long as you can sit up at the table and tell one card from another. In fact, when all else fails, bridge remains’.